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Junior High Program

Golden Hills Learning Academy offers a complete junior high program (grades 7 to 9). Students enrolled in the junior high courses take a combination, or blend, of both online and print courses. There are core courses and options available. Our program offers students flexibility in their learning environment that traditional schools cannot provide. Students create their own timetable based on the required hours Alberta Education has for each course.
Junior High students who are successful in our courses are self-motivated, organized, and enjoy working independently. Parents (or Guardians) are the key to the success of this type of learning. We depend on them to help our Junior High students stay on task and keep up with their schedules. As most Junior High students are under 16 years old, we strongly encourage supervision of the program.  The GHLA staff work closely with the student and parents in offering online, over the phone and face-to-face tutoring and support.


Junior High students living outside of Golden Hills School Division will need to register before September 30th each school year. Junior High students from within Golden Hills School Division may register at any time within the school year if given a referral from their current school. Please bring their most recent report card when registering.

How Junior High Courses Work:

Online courses

The online courses require a computer, an internet connection (using a web browser such as Internet Explorer) and Microsoft Word.  Our website contains a systems check to ensure that the computer a student uses is up-to date.  The Junior High online courses are delivered via the Blackboard platform. Blackboard is a program that students can access via our website and it contains all of our online courses. Once students are registered at our school, they receive a username and password for Blackboard so they can access their online courses. Many colleges and universities use Blackboard to deliver their online courses.

Weekly assignments are posted to Blackboard every Monday morning and are to be completed and submitted to Blackboard by Friday at 3:30 p.m.. The assignments are marked by the teachers and then returned to Blackboard the following week. Students should always review their marked assignments as teachers will add suggestions and corrections to their work. Phone calls and emails to teachers are encouraged to improve student/teacher interaction. Online quizzes and exams are also posted via Blackboard. They require parental supervision. There is an orientation to help students and parents learn how to use the Blackboard platform to access online courses.

Students taking courses online should have some experience using a computer. They will be completing assignments using Microsoft Word. They also will need to use the internet and send emails.

Print courses

The print courses are traditional correspondence courses that Alberta Education has created. They are presented in several coil-bound instruction booklets called modules. Each module covers a unit of the course and takes several weeks to complete. Students are given deadlines or due dates to complete each module’s assignment booklet. These deadlines are very important as student attendance is monitored by the work that is accomplished. Students will need to pace themselves through these print courses in order to complete their work by the deadlines. One of the advantages of the print courses are they are portable.

Teacher Assistance

Students can, and are encouraged to, contact their teachers for help with their courses on school days (see school calendar add link here) between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. G.H.V.S. phone numbers are listed in the contact information. They can also email teachers at any time. Students can make arrangements with teachers to visit G.H.V.S. for tutorials as needed.

Final Exams & Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT`s)

All final exams must be written for all core subjects at GHLA in Strathmore.

Grade 9 students will write the Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT's) on the dates required by Alberta Education. Click here to access more information regarding the Provincial Achievement Tests off the Alberta Education wesbite.
To see dates for current school years PAT's click here.
At the completion of their courses, Grade 7 and 8 students will need to make arrangements with their teachers to write their final exams as the dates can be more flexible.

Junior High Courses

Core Courses
Online and Print materials for:

Print materials only for:

Option Courses
Online only for:

Print materials only for:

CTS courses

To complete each Junior High grade, students must take five core courses and two option courses. Any CTS credits earned in grade 9 will be banked and included during their grade 10 year, to apply to their high school credit count.