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ERICA RISSEEUW - Figure Skater

"I chose the Golden Hills Learning Academy because it gave me the opportunity to work at my own pace and therefore still place great emphasis on my competitive figure skating career.  It enabled me to work extra hard and quickly at times where I was able to (low times in the competitive year), and likewise gave me freedom when I needed it (away at competitions). This flexibility in my schedule was absolutely crucial for me to balance all my extracirricular activities, and thus perfectly suited my needs. The tutoring I received from the Learning Academy, when necessary, was always fast, excellent, and directly aimed at my individual needs.

Golden Hills Learning Academy was a great asset to me in many ways. Since a lot of my work was done away from my home, I was able to maintain training at the intense competitive sport level and still take courses that contributed to my high school diploma. With the help of the Learning Academy, I learned the importance of self-motivation in accomplishing such online courses. This past experience has made my current enrollment in Athabasca University a much easier decision. The skills I learned through Golden Hills are now playing a huge role in my success with online schooling at the university level.

Right now I am currently living and pursuing my figure skating career, as a pairs skater, in Barrie, Ontario. Since my partner is British, we compete for Great Britain and have already had much success on the international scene. Last year we were alternates for the World Figure Skating Championships, so our goal this year is to keep improving and earn a berth this season. Already I have been very fortunate to travel the world. I honestly feel that my skating career would not have possibly been at the stage it is had I not had the option of virtual school through Golden Hills Learning Academy in the early stages."